Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Diaper Fit Testing - Round 2

My son is one month old now!  I updated the posts and added action shots for all of the diapers that currently fit him.  He is a big 4 weeks old he weighed in at 11 pounds, 1 ounce (85th percentile).  So, please keep that in mind when I mention that he is already outgrowing some of the diapers...they are likely to fit much longer on a smaller baby.  Likewise, some of the diapers that are just starting to fit him well may not work for a smaller baby until they are a few months old.

Overall I have been loving the cloth diapers and almost all of them are fitting well at this size!


  1. Hi! This seems like a great blog. I sew diapers, too.

    Maybe you'd know the answer to my question. (I googled it, and that led me to you; I'll probably send an email to Rocket Bottoms, too.) Have you made COVERS? I just recently got the one-size Rocket Bottoms fitted diaper pattern and have only started cutting some fabric. Would the pattern be good to use with two layers of wool jersey for a cover? If it wouldn't work well, I'll just have to find where I put my Very Basic pattern.

  2. I actually have been thinking about doing a post on covers - I have made a few. My favorite cover pattern is Rocket Bottoms In-A-Snap cover pattern. I also love the baa baa baby fleece cover pattern (which is free). I also like the bramblestitches pattern as a cover; although I think the wings need to be lengthened if used as a cover. Any of these patterns would work well with wool.

    Most people say that any diaper pattern can be used to make covers; however, I find that not to be true when using them over fitteds because you can end up with a cover that is either not wide enough, too short in the rise or has wings that aren't long enough...then it is hard to cover the fitted diaper properly. I haven't used RB's fitted diaper pattern, so I'm not sure how well that would work; but I find most of her patterns to be trim through the crotch, so that pattern may end up being too narrow if made into a cover.

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