Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rocket Bottoms Side Snap - Newborn

About the pattern:
This is a paid pattern for a side snapping diaper with front elastic.  The pattern comes in sizes NB, S, M and L and can be used for fitted diapers, pockets, covers or all-in-one/twos.

My test diaper:
I sewed up a stretchy fitted with this pattern and I really like the short stretch of front elastic.  It seems like it is just enough to allow you to customize the fit a little better.  Here are some pictures of the diaper:

Overall opinion:
This diaper is so cute!  I really like the size of this diaper; it is small but has a nice rise, the crotch is narrow; but not too narrow and the four snap settings and front elastic provide a lot of adjustability.  I used this pattern in size Large for my daughter and loved it for her.

Fit update:
Before umbilical cord falls off:
At around 8.5 lbs, this diaper fit nicely, but is quite narrow through the crotch; especially for a boy.  My son was near the largest snap settings though; so if making this diaper for a smaller baby, the narrow crotch may be more in proportion to the baby.  There is no umbilical snap/scoop on this diaper, but tucking the front down below the cord worked really well because the front elastic helped hold it in place.

Action shots:

2 weeks, ~9.5 pounds: I had to retire this diaper because the narrow crotch caused him to outgrow it quickly.  I think this diaper is meant for a much smaller newborn.

Get the pattern:
This is a new pattern and is not yet listed in her store; but check back soon!  Here is a link to her store if you want to check out her other patterns http://hyenacart.com/RocketBottoms/index.php?c=9

Thank you very much to the mama who provided this great pattern!

Please feel free to comment about your experience with the Rocket Bottoms pattern or with any questions about my review!

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