Monday, October 31, 2011

Wazoodle Little Green Bear - Small

About the pattern:
This is a free pattern for a front-closing diaper available in sizes S, M and L.  The diaper can be made with either hook & loop or snap closure.  The pattern notes that the small size will fit approximately 7-12 lbs and is comparable to a size 0-1 disposable diaper.  The pattern includes basic sewing instructions, but they probably aren’t detailed enough for someone who has never sewn a diaper.  However, there is also a video tutorial for sewing the diaper, so that provides a lot more info.  The instructions also include materials recommendations and cloth diaper wash & care info.

My test diaper:
I used this pattern to make a fitted diaper with hook & loop closure.  I included cross-over closure just to provide a little more adjustability.  This diaper has a high rise, I think that it would be better for after the umbilical cord has fallen off.  Here are some pictures:

Overall opinion:
I like this pattern a lot, it is just a good basic diaper pattern.  It has a high rise; so keep that in mind when choosing covers to go over it if you are making fitted diapers.  The diaper was quick and easy to sew.  If you don’t want to cut fabric, they even sell pre-cut kits from this pattern!

Fit update:
4 weeks old, 11 pounds:
This diaper fits well now on almost the snuggest settings, although there is a slight gap at the legs.  The diaper has plenty of growing room.  I really like this diaper for nighttime because it has a nice high rise and good coverage.  The pattern notes that this diaper will start fitting at 7 pounds; but I found that it really didn't start fitting my son until around 10 pounds, and even still it isn't quite a perfect fit due to the slight gapping at the legs.  I think that if you added rise snaps to this diaper then it would make a great NB/Small diaper, and then it really might start fitting around 7 pounds.

Action shots:

2 montths old, 14lbs10oz:
This diaper is a really great fit now; rise, thighs and waist all fit great.  Waist is on a medium setting, so still has plenty of growing room.

Get the pattern:
(You don’t have to add the pattern to your cart, just scroll to the bottom and there is a link that says “Click here for the small size pattern”)

Thank you very much to the company who provided this free pattern!

Please feel free to comment about your experience with the Wazoodle Little Green Bear pattern or with any questions about my review!


  1. Does this diaper require a cover or does the zorb work so well that it doesnt leak?

    1. Even with zorb, this diaper still requires a cover.

    2. Even with zorb, this diaper still requires a cover.