Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rita’s Rump Pocket – One size resized to NB

About the pattern:
This is a free pattern for a one size closureless pocket fitted diaper.  The pattern includes excellent instructions.  Although I don’t normally include one-size diapers in my newborn blog project, I have heard about a lot of mamas who like to reduce this pattern in order to use it on newborns; so I figured I would do the same!

My test diaper:
I reduced the pattern to 85% of the original size, and then added on the seam allowance (the pattern does not already have the seam allowance added).  I did make some other minor modifications based on personal preference:
1 - The pattern does not call for back elastic; however, I prefer back elastic for newborn diapers, so I added in the elastic on my test diaper. 
2 - This pattern is for a pocket fitted, but I find it difficult to stuff newborn pocket diapers; so I did not leave a pocket opening in my test diaper.
3 – This pattern is for a closureless diaper, but I prefer diapers with closures, so I added snaps to mine.

So, the results?  I think 85% is a little bit too big, it seemed closer to a size small diaper.  No problem, though, I just added rise snaps to it to make it a 2-size NB/S diaper.  I think that it probably would have been better to print it at 80% for newborn size.

Now it’s time for pictures!

 Newborn setting:

Small setting:

Overall opinion:
I am very happy with this diaper.  This was actually the very first diaper pattern I ever used when I was new to diaper sewing, and the instructions were detailed enough to get me past my initial diaper-sewing fears & confusion, so I think this is a great starter pattern!  I think that the long wings are great if you are planning to use the diaper closureless (as it is intended to be used), but they are a bit too long for a diaper with hook & loop or snap closures.  I had to add several crossover snaps in order to cinch it up tight enough, yet still avoid wing droop.  I don’t mind all of the extra snaps though, I think they are cute, and it’ll only take a few extra seconds to snap the extra snaps during a diaper change.  The front panel is a little bit wider than I like; but I know I complain about that all of the time, so I’ll just let it go this time J

Fit update:
4 weeks old, 11 pounds:
This diaper is a really nice fit at this size with the rise snapped down and the waist snapped to a medium setting.  It has a lot of growing room left still!

2 months old, 14lbs19oz:
This diaper is a really nice fit.  Somehow it still fits on the same snap settings as a month ago!  This diaper has tons of growing room because the rise is still snapped down and the crossover wing snaps are still being used.

Get the pattern:

Thank you very much to the mama who provided this free pattern!

Please feel free to comment about your experience with the Rita’s Rump pocket pattern or with any questions about my review!


  1. Rita's Rump was the first cloth diaper I ever made! I made it out of two flannel blankets. It is a pain to stuff though. And I can't imagine stuffing a newborn sized one. Any suggestions on how to shrink down the wings?

  2. My first one was also made of flannel and was very difficult to stuff since it had no stretch! I just made the NB one with a snap-in insert instead of a pocket so that I wouldn't have to worry about trying to stuff it. To shorten the wings, I would just take the pattern and cut off about 1" or 1.5" from each wing. I would also narrow the front panel by trimming off the pointy part and making it more of a curve, because I found the front panel to be a bit wide and it seems like it would end up with wing droop.

  3. Thanks! I really appreciate your help!

  4. How do you shrink the pattern in print settings to print a smaller sized version of the pattern? Thanks

  5. I'm not sure how to change the print settings to print smaller...I just print it regular size and then I use the copy machine to shrink it.

  6. What fabric did you use for this diaper? It looks so soft and squishy!

    1. I used cotton velour on both the inside and the outside, and there is a hidden layer of cotton interlock in between. I love this diaper! (It still fits my "little" man now, at 19 pounds. I'll be sad when he outgrows it...he's getting close.)

  7. How did you know where to put the snaps for the rise? I'm gonna attempt my first diaper soon.

    1. I just eye-balled it...I tried to put the lower rise snaps even with the top of the elastic and then I put the other row about an inch above that. I really loved this diaper - it ended up fitting my son until he was about 19 or 20 months old!

    2. Thanks I'm so nervous but I think it will go ok.

    3. and thank you for the super fast reply. If this goes good I will probably be back often.

  8. Do you happen to remember what type of fabric you used? Knit or woven? And how many layers did you use in the soaker region? I have never sewn a newborn diaper and worried about making it too bulky, or not absorbent enough. Thank you!!

    1. I used knit fabrics - the shell of the diaper was made from 2 layers of cotton velour and one layer of t-shirt knit. The soaker was a snap in soaker that was made of one layer each of cotton interlock, bamboo/hemp fleece and cotton velour...the insert folded in half so it ended up being two layers of each of those fabrics. It was not too bulky for a newborn...but I'm sure I could have gotten away with less since they get changed frequently. However, the extra absorbency turned out to be great because this diaper fit for a long time!

  9. Hi There I've been studying your blog for awhile now and decided to make a bunch of these for a new arrival soon. But I have a couple questions in hoping you could help me with.

    Do you think the original pattern could work on a newborn if closure less? My hope is to make a more "one size" diaper for longevity.

    Also, I plan to use hemp bamboo fleece for the body, but I was thinking of using a stretchy terry for the wings. (Partially to add stretch and partially to get more cuts out of the fleece.) How many layers would you use of these fabrics.

    Finally, is the fleece snappiable or would I need to use terry on the body as well to make these work closure less? Thanks so much in advance! Great work here thank you for posting all of these!