Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pattern Comparisons

I went through the diapers and tried to group them into smaller groups of similar diapers, so that you can see how they compare.  Click on any of the pictures to view them larger!

First up are the premie diapers.  They are all similarly sized, but the Rocket Bottoms diaper is slightly narrower through the crotch.
From left to right: Rocket Bottoms Premie, JMP Premie, EZDipe XXS

A lot of people wonder if the Darling Diapers Tiny Newborn pattern, or other small newborn patterns, will work for premies.  Here is a picture of the Rocket Bottoms premie diaper next to the Darling Diapers TNB:

Next group are the tiny newborn diapers, that would probably be good for larger premies or smaller newborns (probably starting around 6-7 lbs).  The Rocket Bottoms side snap has a higher rise than the others in this group, but still seems quite small due to how narrow it is.
Top row from left to right: Little Comet Tails XXS, Darling Diapers smaller NB,  Wee Weka Serged NB
Bottom row from left to right: Rocket Bottoms side snap, Short Wing QSFW

Next group I will call “regular” newborn diapers, ones that would probably start fitting around 7-9 lbs:
Top row from left to right: Clothbaby (reduced to 80%), Hippy Hippy Snap, EZ Dipe XS
Borrom row from left to right: Shar’s newborn nappy, Cloth Revolution, Darling Diapers larger NB

The next group are more “regular” newborn diapers, but just seem slightly larger than the last group.
From left to right: Shar’s Pocket Nappy, Tighty Whitey Hipster, Goodness Gracious NB, Trimsies S

The next group are diapers that have a higher rise:
From left to right: Witteybums front snap, Wazoodle, and Super Front Snap

Next group are full coverage diapers:
Top row from left to right: Babyville, Baa Baa Baby Fleece, Fattycakes
Bottom row from left to right: Shar’s Side Snap, Chloe Toes, Bramblestitches

And of course, the full coverage category needs a bum shot J

Last group are two-step diapers that snap from size small down to size newborn:
From left to right: Rocket Bottoms Step 1, Clothbaby (reduced to 90%), Baa Baa Baby Two Size, Rita’s Rump Pocket (reduced to 85%)
(The first picture is of the diapers snapped to the smallest setting, the second picture is on the largest setting)

And finally, just to show the variation in the diapers, here is a picture of one diaper from each group.  You can really see how much the patterns all vary!


  1. Wow that's crazy how different they all are!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks so much for these comparisons. Very helpful. One quick question, have you tried the ladida for newborns?

  3. I'm glad you find this helpful! I have not tried the ladida pattern; however I have heard great things about that pattern for newborns.

  4. thanks so so much for this! I can't imagine the work that went into it and everything is so organized and the side by side comparisons are exactly what I needed! I used to be in the bbc cd sewing 101 group also and followed along as you were compiling this and now I get to use it :) I'm due in sept.

    1. I'm so glad this is helpful to you and that you get to sew up your own newborn diapers now - congrats!!

  5. Wow this is fantastic. Thanks for taking the time and sharing.