Monday, May 9, 2011

Cloth Revolution - Newborn

The first pattern I chose to test is the Cloth Revolution pattern, in size newborn.  The pattern states that the estimated weight range is 5-14 lbs.

About the pattern:
This is a free pattern that has very detailed instructions.  If you've never sewn a diaper before, this would be a great pattern to start with.  The pattern comes in 3 sizes (newborn, small and medium), has 2 closure options (front hook & loop or side snapping), and has several insert options available.

My test diapers:
I made two fitted diapers from this pattern; one with hook & loop closure and the other with snap closure.  Both diapers are made with stretchy materials (stretch terry outer, hidden layer of knit, cotton velour inner).

I really like the way the hook & loop is done because it allows the tabs to cross-over and I think it looks nice.  The pattern did not say to put laundry tabs on the diaper, but I would definitely recommend doing so.  The pattern also says to sew the front loop tape on before diaper assembly; which resulted in some slightly wonky loop tape on my diaper.  Also, I didn't like that there was no reinforcement for the loop tape, so I would recommend putting an extra layer of fabric behind it for reinforcement; or just sewing it on after the diaper is completed (if you are making a fitted diaper).  I like that the hook & loop version offers a lot of adjustibility.

The side snapping diaper only uses a single row of snaps, which should make for quick diaper changes; however it also means a less secure and adjustable fit when compared to diapers with 2 rows of snaps.  The side snapping version does include front elastic to provide more adjustibility.  I made my diaper with hidden snaps; but the pattern directions state you can leave them exposed if you prefer.

Overall opinion:
This is a very cute diaper with great instructions, but I feel that the leg openings are probably too large for most newborns.  I would expect that this diaper would start fitting once the baby plumps up a little bit.  For someone trying to decide between the two closure styles, I prefer the hook & loop version of this diaper because I really like the way the tabs are constructed and I think it would provide a more precise fit for a newborn.

Fit update:
Before umbilical cord falls off:
At 8lbs,10oz the snapping version of the diaper fit nicely, except that the legs were just a little bit loose.  I was able to tuck down the front of the diaper so that it didn't irritate the cord stump.  I couldn't try the hook & loop version yet because that one rubs against the cord.  I think this diaper will fit nicely once his legs chub up.  I would be concerned that it wouldn't fit well on a baby much smaller than my guy due to the large leg openings.

Action shots:

4 weeks old, 11 pounds:
This diaper now fits on the snuggest settings.  The aplix version had a small gap at the legs; but not bad enough to cause leaks, and the snapping version fit snugly on the legs.  Now that my son is bigger, I like this diaper.

Action shots:


2 months old, 14lbs,10oz:
This diaper is a nice trim fit on the medium setting.

Get the pattern:
Thank you very much to the mama who provided this free pattern!

Please feel free to comment about your experience with the Cloth Revolution pattern or with any questions about my review!


  1. Really interested in seeing what you end up liking! I have made two cloth revolution NB's with hook and loop (no snap press here) and like how they look. Having no baby (yet) to try them on makes it a little hard though.

    What are laundry tabs for the hook and loop?

    Also are you making AIO's or pockets or different kinds? Thanks for the posts!

  2. Hi stringsandyarn - the laundry tabs are little rectangles of loop tape that are sewn on the inside of the wing (you can see the stitching for this on my purple diaper)...then when you take the diaper off you can just fold the hook tape back and attach it to the laundry tab; rather than having it create a diaper chain in the wash (and ruin any covers made with FOE).

    I make non-waterproof fitted diapers b/c I like to pair them with wool or fleece longies. Most of these patterns could also be used to make AIOs/AI2s/pockets (although some are so tiny that it might be difficult to stuff the pocket!)

    Happy sewing! :)

  3. Thanks! I thought the loop tape on the inside must be for something like that. Look forward to seeing more reviews!

  4. Thanks for the review and helpful tips!

  5. This was the pattern I am going to be using over the next couple of weeks. Thanks so much for your view on it!

  6. Ho ! If the NB is large for leg, it will be for the next size. If i have find this pattern for my giant princess when she born it will be the best =D. Tomorow i will test this pattern ! Tank you ^^

  7. When closing up the front of the diaper, how did you deal with the front elastic? Mine had snaps, so i left the front open for turning, but simply top stitching won't work? Maybe a link for a tutorial? Thanks

    1. Some people like to leave a turning hole on a wing, but I always have trouble with that method because my wings end up looking uneven. So, instead, I like to leave the turning hole in the back and then sew the back elastic in blind, If you check out my EZDipe post, I explain how I do the blind back elastic for diapers that have front elastic. I hope it helps!

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