Sunday, June 26, 2011

Clothbaby Onesize (reduced to NB size)

About the pattern:
This is a free onesize pattern that can be made with snap closure, hook & loop closure, or closureless (snappiable).  The pattern suggests shrinking the pattern when you print it if you prefer to make sized diapers.  The pattern does NOT have the seam allowance added (something I didn’t realize until after I cut my fabric), so make sure to add the seam allowance.  For my test diapers, since I had already cut my fabric without the seam allowance added, I just used my machine’s overlock stitch to faux-serge the diapers, rather than turning & topstitching them.

My test diapers:
I made two test diapers with this pattern.  The first diaper I shrunk 80% and that looks like a good size for a newborn.  The second diaper I shrunk 90% and that looks like a small sized diaper.  I added rise snaps to the small diaper so that it will snap down to newborn size.  I really like that because then you get two sizes out of one diaper!

Here are the diapers on their smallest settings (I added crossover snaps/aplix):

Here are the diapers on a middle setting (the small diaper is snapped down to newborn size):

Here is a picture of the small diaper not snapped down to newborn size:

Here are the diapers on the largest settings:

You can see in the last picture that the waist settings on this diaper extend out too much; the baby would likely outgrow the rise of the diaper long before they outgrow the waist of the diaper, and the extra length on the front wings is likely to just cause wing droop.  Therefore, after  you resize your pattern, I would recommend trimming at least one inch off of each end of the front panel in order to make it a more appropriate size for a newborn.

Overall opinion:
I think that this is a nice pattern and I really like NB/Small version (the one that was reduced 90%) because the two-size diaper seems like you get more bang for your buck; but you also get a diaper that will actually fit a newborn (in my experience, one-size diapers did not work on my newborn).  I would definitely recommend narrowing the front panel though, and I would recommend remembering to add your seam allowance before cutting your fabric J

Fit update:
Before umbilical cord falls off:
The diaper that was reduced to 80% was a very nice fit on my son at 8lbs 10oz, and still seems to have plenty of growing room.  I tucked the front down to keep the diaper away from the umbilical cord stump.  I think it would also work well for a smaller baby, except it might be hard to tuck the front down away from the cord stump if you were using the crossover closure.

Action shots:

4 weeks old - 11 pounds:
At this size, the version reduced 80% fits nice and snug on a medium setting, still with some room to grow.
Action shots:

At 11 pounds, the version reduced 90% also fit nicely.  I had the rise snapped down and fastened the diaper on almost the smallest setting.  The front panel is wider than necessary, but it didn't hurt anything.
Action shots:

2 months old - 14lbs,10oz:
The diaper reduced to 80% is a nice trim fit and not yet at the largest waist setting, so it still has some growing room left:

The diaper reduced to 90% still fits nicely with the rise snapped down and on almost the tightest waist setting, so this still has a lot of growing room.

Get the pattern:
Thank you very much to the mama who provided this free pattern! 

Please feel free to comment about your experience with the Clothbaby pattern or with any questions about my review!

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