Friday, November 18, 2011

Fabric Choices

I get a lot of questions about what fabrics I use for my fitted diapers, so I'll go through the fabrics I use, and why I choose them.

I make my fitteds with stretchy materials because I like that they fit longer and seem really comfortable.  There are a few drawbacks though.  Stretchy materials are a little harder to work with; I use a walking foot and that really helps.  The stretchy materials are also usually more expensive than flannel.  The non-stretchy materials, like flannel, still make nice fitted diapers though; I do use both, but prefer stretchy.  If you decide to use stretchy fabrics then keep in mind that your diaper will only be as stretchy as your least stretchy layer, so don't combine it with flannel (or other non-stretchy material).

These are the fabrics I typically use to make fitted diapers:

Outer layer - I use either cotton interlock or stretch french terry.  Both have nice stretch and are a nice weight (not too thin like some jerseys and other knits), and the interlock can be found in cute juvenile prints at Joanns.

Hidden layer - If my husband has old t-shirts to get rid of, then I use those!  If not, then I use cotton interlock.

Inner layer - I use cotton velour (it is a blend of 80% cotton/20% poly).  This fabric is nice and stretchy, and super soft.  It also seems to stay soft wash after wash.  I like the cotton velour because not only does it feel soft and comfortable, but it also feels less wet against the skin than other natural fibers.

Other fabric options:
A lot of people like to use fabrics like bamboo fleece or hemp fleece as the hidden layer of their fitted diapers.  I do like to do that for nighttime, but I prefer to save those more expensive fabrics for the soakers rather than doing full body layers of them.  However, those will certainly work well for fitted diapers, but just be aware that some of these heavier weight fabrics aren't quite as stretchy as the interlock/knit/cotton velour fabrics I mentioned above; so you may have a slightly smaller fit range with these fabrics.

Feel free to comment with any other questions about these fabric choices!


  1. Thanks for the post! Of course I have a few other questions. :) How many hidden layers, just one? Also, do you find you need to add soakers or are the layers of the diaper enough? Thanks!

  2. Yes, I just do one hidden layer. I do add snap in soakers...I am actually working on a post about the insert layers/absorbency testing, I should have that post ready soon!

  3. Your blog is awesome. Thanks for all your hard work. Where can I buy cotton velour and/or bamboo velour?

  4. I'm glad you like the blog! :) I think Nature's Fabrics is a great place for bamboo velour. I usually buy cotton velour from Sewzanne's Fabrics or from Very Baby. (These are all online stores...I don't think any of the brick & mortar stores, like Joanns or Hancocks, have these fabrics)

  5. Hi just wondered if you have used rib knit or cotton jersey and what your thoughts on them are? I find it really hard to get cute interlock prints in england but rib knits and jersey are a but easier to find. Thanks x

    1. I have used jersey and rib knit as well and I like those too. Interlock is a little more absorbent and doesn't curl, so is a little easier to work with.

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