Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goodness Gracious - Newborn & Small

About the pattern:
This is a free pattern that comes in 5 sizes, has instructions that are detailed enough even for someone new to sewing diapers, and has a lot of variations.  The instructions tell you how to make a fitted diaper, swim diaper, diaper cover, pocket diaper or diaper cover + mini diaper that snaps into it!  I love the mini diaper idea and will definitely be trying that in the future!  I almost gave up on this pattern because it prints on legal paper and I didn’t have any, I’m glad I fussed with it and figured out how to print it though!  The pattern does not include the seam allowance, so make sure to add on your seam allowance.

My test diapers:
I made two fitted diapers from this pattern; one in size newborn and the other in size small.  I decided to make both sizes because the size range for the small is 9-14 lbs; so I figured some larger newborns are within that range.  Also, there was a lot of variation between the two sizes...the small was not just an enlarged version of the newborn diaper.  The newborn size has a wider front panel with an umbilical scoop.  The newborn size also has a longer stretch of elastic in the back.  Both diapers are made with stretchy material and hook & loop closure.

This pattern uses a unique elastic technique that I had never tried before; it creates ruffled elastic without having to sew it in blind.  To do this, she has you sew the elastic to the inner layer farther in than your seam allowance (I sewed it a little more than half an inch in from the edge); then you stitch the layers together, and then turn & topstitch.  The first time I tried it, it took me awhile, but then once I got the hang of it, it moved much don’t give up if it takes you a long time the first time you try it!  (I suppose that can be said about any new elastic method!)

Both diapers really needed cross-over closure because the wings are too long without it...especially the small size.  Here is what the smallest setting would look like without cross-over closure, you can really see a big difference in the small diaper:

Both diapers seem to be a little wide through the crotch.  I double-checked that the instructions DO say to add seam allowance, and they do.  The small seems like it will fit for MUCH longer than 14 lbs when made with stretchy materials.  In fact, I have proof of is the size small diaper on my 25 lb 16 month old!

Despite the small diaper fitting my 16 month old, I do think that it would also fit a much much smaller baby as long as you put a wide strip of loop tape on the front wing for cross-over closure.  Or, you could really stand to shorten the wings on the small, in my opinion.

I really like the newborn size for a newborn, and when made with stretchy materials, I think this diaper should easily fit for a few months, rather than just a few weeks!  However, I didn’t care for the wide front panel, and I felt that the crotch was a touch too wide.  So, I modified my pattern by taking the front end of the size small diaper and taping that to the newborn pattern.  Then I trimmed the seam allowance away just through the crotch area.  This is the diaper from my modified pattern (which I really like!):

Overall opinion:
With cross-over closure, I think that these diapers will have a really wide fit range, and I think that they are really cute (I love the ruffled elastic!)  The pattern has excellent instructions and a lot of options to suit anyone’s needs.  I definitely think it was worth the effort of figuring out how to get it printed, and I will be re-visiting this pattern to try the mini-diaper idea!

Fit update:
Before umbilical cord falls off:
This diaper surprised I sewed up the various newborn diapers, I kind of knew which ones I liked the best, and this one wasn't one of them because I thought the shape of the newborn one seemed odd.  Well, I tried it on my guy at 8lbs10oz, and I love it!  The scoop in the front is nice so that it didn't bother his cord stump.  The diaper is a nice width through the crotch and looks very cute.  I couldn't get an action shot of this one since it was a middle-of-the-night change; but next time I use this diaper I will try to grab a picture - I think it looks nicer on than it does on the sewing table.  As far as fit, it has a lot of growing room.  I think it would fit a smaller baby well, especially if you use cross-over closure; however, it might rub against the cord stump of a smaller baby.

4 weeks old, 11 pounds:
This diaper is an awesome fit; I am still surprised by how much I like this diaper.  It is one of the first ones I reach for out of the wash.  I like the version that I modified as well; but the original is great as it is.  The diaper is currently fitting my son on almost the snuggest setting, and has good coverage and nice snug fit on the legs.  It seems to have a good amount of growing room; however, he may outgrow the rise before he outgrows the rest of the diaper.

Action shots:

2 months old, 14lbs10oz:
This diaper still has room in the waist, but I can just barely get the front panel over the thighs because he has just about outgrown the rise; so, this diaper will be retired now.

Get the pattern:
Thank you very much to the mama who provided this free pattern!

Please feel free to comment about your experience with the Goodness Gracious pattern or with any questions about my review!


  1. I am WAY out of doing cloth diapers recently, but I'm glad some people are still finding my patterns! :) grace

  2. goodness grace diapers were the first free pattern I made after creating my own. All the gifts of this diaper were raved about and it is still my go to pattern when gifting diapers! The instructions are great! Thanks Grace!!!