Friday, September 2, 2011

Trimsies - Small & re-sized

About the pattern:
This is a paid pattern for a side-snapping diaper, available in three sizes (S, M and L).  Although there is no Newborn size, I have found that this pattern runs slightly smaller than most, so I included the size Small in my newborn testing project.  This pattern comes with excellent instructions that include a lot of photographs.  This would be an excellent choice for someone who is new to sewing diapers.

My test diapers:
I made a size small diaper and I also took the pattern and shrunk it down 95% to make it closer to newborn size.  Although the size small does look smaller than most other patterns, it still looks like it would be a little too big on a newborn.  Shrinking it down 95% doesn’t sound like it would make a big difference, but it actually does.  The 95% diaper looks like a better rise for a newborn, and the leg openings are slightly smaller.

There are 4 snap settings on this pattern, and I probably could have gotten away with only 3 snap settings on the 95% diaper, because the snap settings are pretty close together, and shrinking the pattern down pushed them even closer together (they are a little more than ½” apart).  So, if I made more of the 95% diapers, I would only use 3 snap settings and just place them about 7/8” apart.

Here are the pics, the light grey diaper is size small and the dark grey diaper is the small shrunken down to 95%:

This pattern does not have the option to do front-closing hook & loop, however, it is easy to modify it.  I would recommend tapering the wings slightly because they are kind of wide to accomodate the two rows of snaps, but they don’t need to be that wide for hook & loop.  Here is a picture of a diaper that I modified to be front closing with aplix:
Overall opinion:
I really like the Trimsies pattern; I used it for my daughter in size Medium, and I liked that the crotch was narrow so it eliminated a lot of bulk.  I would like to see a newborn size added, but shrinking the size small down 95% seems to work well.

Fit update:
Before umbilical cord falls off:
My son wore the diaper that was sized down to 95% when he was about 8.5 lbs, and the fit was great on the tightest leg settings.  This has plenty of growing room, but probably wouldn't work for a baby under 8lbs.  The crotch is a little narrow, so that is my only concern that as he gets bigger, the crotch may become too narrow.  There is no umbilical scoop/snap, but folding down the front of the side snapping diapers works great.

Action shots:

4 weeks old, 11 pounds:
At this size, the diaper that was reduced to 95% fits great on a medium setting, and the full-size version fits well on the tightest waist setting and middle leg setting.  The diaper is a nice trim fit; without being so narrow through the crotch that it results in blowouts.

Action shots of diaper reduced to 95%:

Action shots of full-size version:

2 months old, 14lbs10oz:
This doaper lives up t o it's is a very trim fit.  Both versions still fit him, although the 955 version is on the last thigh setting and won't fit much longer.

95% version:

Full-size version:

Get the pattern:
(If you purchase both the diaper and the trainer patterns then you get a discount.  I use the Trimsies trainers pattern and love it!)

Thank you very much to the mama who designed this great pattern! 

Please feel free to comment about your experience with the Trimsies pattern or with any questions about my review!

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