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Darling Diapers Unlimited - Newborn & Tiny Newborn

About the pattern:
This is a paid pattern that is available in two different newborn sizes, as well as sizes small, medium and large.  There are excellent instructions, complete with lots of pictures and FAQs.  The pattern allows for many different variations, including hook & loop, front snapping and side snapping.  There are also instructions for using the pattern to make pocket diapers or diaper covers.   The Tiny Newborn size is recommended for anyone who expects their newborn to be under 7.5 pounds at birth; otherwise the Newborn size is recommended.

My test diapers:
I used this pattern to make SIX fitted diapers!  I made one in each closure style in size Tiny Newborn, and then I also made one in each closure style in size Newborn.  The first thing that I noticed about this pattern is that the crotch is very narrow.  I like that because I remember thinking that all of my daughter’s newborn diapers were very bulky; however, I know that some parents (especially parent’s of boys) prefer to have fuller coverage through the crotch.  (In all of my pics, the Tiny Newborn is on the left and the Newborn is on the right)


I really like the hook & loop version, it seems like it would make for quick & easy diaper changes, and is so cute and tiny.  The pattern suggests to angle the loop tape on the front, which allows you to make a permanent umbilical scoop if you so choose.

The front snapping diaper has angled snaps on the front, which allows you to snap-down the front of the diaper to avoid irritating the umbilical cord.  However, the location of this umbilical cord snap-down snap is kind of in the way of the wing snaps when the diaper is set to the smallest setting.

The side snapping diaper is really nice because it looks very clean and you don’t have to worry about the umblical cord snap-down snap being in the way of the wing snaps.  I really like this version for fitteds with a lay-in soaker; however, I don’t think that it would be the best choice for pockets, AIOs or fitteds with an internal soaker, because it seems like the runny newborn poo could get on the wings, since they fold over onto the tummy; which would make for messy diaper changes!

Overall opinion:
This is a very versatile pattern with great instructions – if you are looking to get one pattern that could be used for all of your diaper making, then this would be a good choice!  In fact, the majority of my daughter’s small and medium stashes were made from this diaper pattern (I wish I would have had it when she was a newborn!)  I think that this diaper would be trim-fitting and if made with stretchy materials, I think that it would have a large size range.  Here is a picture of the front-snapping diapers extended to the largest setting:

I like all of the closure styles, but I think the side-snapping is my favorite (as long as you are using a lay-in soaker to prevent messes from getting on the wings).

Fit update for Tiny Newborn:
Before umbilical cord falls off:
The tiny newborn diapers fit my son really nicely around 8.5 lbs.  I prefer the snapping versions that have the umbilical cord snap; rather than the scoop on the aplix version, because the snap seems to do a better job of keeping the diaper away from the umbilical cord. At 8.5 lbs, this diaper is still not on the biggest setting, so hopefully it'll fit for another pound or 2.  I think this would be a great diaper for a smaller baby too.

Action shots:

4 weeks old - 11 pounds:
At this size, the tiny newborn diapers are very close to being outgrown.  The side snap version has a touch more growing room than the other two, but all will be retired soon.  The pattern notes that the tiny version will fit to approximately 13 pounds if made with stretchy fabrics.  Every baby is different though, and with my son's, the diapers fit to 11 pounds; with the exception of the side snap, which I would guess will fit a little longer, maybe to 12 pounds

Action shots:



Fit update for Regular Newborn:
Before umbilical cord falls off:
The snapping versions of the diaper fit great at a little over 8 lbs.  I put them on the tightest leg setting and almost the tightest waist setting.  I think this diaper would be too big for a baby under 8lbs.  I could not try the aplix diaper in this round because it covered the umbilical cord.  The snapping diapers with the umbilical snap worked great though,  I like the side snapping and front snapping versions equally.  This diaper has plenty of growing room.

4 weeks old - 11 pounds:
The regular newborn version fits my son great at this size.  They were all set to approximately the medium setting.  All of the versions seem to have a good amount of growing room left; with the side snap version having slightly more growing room than the other two versions.

Action shots:



2 months old - 14lbs10oz:
These diapers fit nicely still. The aplix and front snap diapers are on almost the largest settings now, and the side snap version is on the medium setting.  The diapers have a trim fit, but still adequate coverage to prevent leaks.


Get the pattern:
Thank you very much to the mama who designed such a great pattern! 

Please feel free to comment about your experience with the Darling Diapers Unlimited pattern or with any questions about my review!

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  1. I know this was written several years ago, but I wanted to say thanks for such a thorough review! I am looking at this pattern to make a stash for my belly bean, who will be #5 CD'd babe, and this information on the pattern, the fit, the styles, etc, are exactly what I needed.