Friday, July 29, 2011

EZ Dipe 2 – Premie (XXS) and Newborn (XS)

About the pattern:
This is a free pattern available in SIX sizes!  (Sizes XXS all the way through XL.)  This is a very unique pattern; the front and back are identical so it can’t be put on backwards.  I think that this design works especially well for newborns.  It snaps on the side, with only one snap on each side, so it is very easy to put on because you don’t have to worry about choosing which snap setting to use.  The reason this works is because the diaper is elasticized almost all the way around; and it needs to be made with stretchy fabrics to allow for this adjustable fit.  The pattern uses very little fabric because it doesn’t have long wings.

My test diapers:
I used this pattern to make an XS (newborn) diaper and a couple XXS (premie) diapers.  These diapers were very easy to cut out, but aren’t really easy to sew up because you have to apply a lot of elastic.  However, I guess that is offset by the ease of only having to apply one snap on each side! 

Here is a pic of the premie diapers, as well as a pic of one next to the iPhone for size comparison:

Here are some pics of the premie diaper on the left and the newborn diaper on the right:

The elastic runs almost the entire length of the front and back, and the legs, so that only leaves a tiny turning hole on the wing.  It is possible to turn through the wing, but I had difficulty getting it to close up neatly, so I actually came up with a different way that I like to sew in the elastic to allow me to leave a larger turning hole in the back.  Here are the sewing instructions for my technique:

1 – Place diaper layers right sides together and sew using ¼” seam allowance; leaving a 3-inch turning hole in the back.  (The large turning hole will allow you to apply hidden snaps and to add the back elastic later.)
2 – Sew leg and front elastic down with a 3-step zig-zag.
3 – Clip corners and turn right side out.
4 – Reach in through the turning hole and apply the hidden back snaps on each wing
5 – Reach in through the turning hole and place your back elastic ½” below the edge; pin in place or tack down the ends with a straight stitch through all layers of the diaper)
6 – With right side of diaper facing up, sew the back elastic in with a three step zig-zag through all layers of the diaper.  You will be sewing the elastic in blind; which can be tricky at first, but this is a good time to practice the technique because it is a straight section of elastic (as opposed to sewing it in blind through the leg curve, which is trickier).
7 – Topstitch the diaper; making sure to turn in the turning hole above your back elastic and sew it closed as you topstitch above the back elastic.  Here is an upclose pic of what the back elastic will look like if sewn in blind using this technique:  (Click on picture to view it can see the zig-zag stitch where the elastic is sewn down, and the straight stitch above it where I top-stitched to close the turning hole)

8 – Apply front snaps and you’re finished!

Overall opinion:
I think every newborn stash should have a few EZDipes in it J  They are so easy to put on and I really like that they don’t use a lot of fabric.  I have sewn this diaper in sizes S-L for my daughter, and in my experience, this pattern runs a little bit small.  So for an average size newborn, I think the XS size would be fine; but if you are expecting a larger baby, you might even want to sew up some smalls…and make sure to use stretchy fabrics!

Fit update:
Before umbilical cord falls off:
I tried the XXS premie diaper on when my son was at his lowest weight (8lbs) and it did not fit; but was close, so I would guess the max weight for the XXS diaper is somewhere around 7 or 7.5 lbs.  The XS diaper fit really nicely and with only one snap on each side, it is really easy to put on.  There is no umbilical cord scoop/snap, so I just folded the front of the diaper down.  This diaper has a really long stretch of front elastic, so it seemed kind of awkward to fold the front down; but it stayed in place and did not irritate the cord.

Action shots:

4 weeks old, 11 pounds:
This diaper fits nicely still, although I have to stretch the front elastic more in order to get the snaps to reach; so I don't expect it to fit a whole lot longer, maybe to 12 pounds.  This diaper is very easy to put on since there is only one snap.  Sometimes it seems to slide down a little bit in the front and bunch up, but it hasn't caused any problems with leaks in my experience.


5 weeks old, 12 pounds:
This diaper is now outgrown.

Get the pattern:

And the instructions as well as some pictures are here:    (You have to be a member of the MakeLaughLove forum to access the instructions; but it is an excellent online community for diaper sewing, and is free to join!)

Thank you very much to the mama who provided this free pattern! 

Please feel free to comment about your experience with the EZ Dipe pattern or with any questions about my review!


  1. Thanks for your review, I just cut out three smalls, we'll see how they compare in size to my others! (Still can't try on baby for another 5m, though!)

  2. What are some examples of a strtchy fabric you would use?

  3. Danielle - I like to use cotton interlock (all the prints shown in this review are from Joann Fabrics), stretch french terry (which I get from, and cotton velour (which I also get from sewzanne's). T-shirts also work great!

  4. Did you layer those three fabrics? Cotton interlock outer, french terry inner, and cotton velour inner? Were those one layer each?

  5. I use either interlock or stretch terry for the outer, a hidden layer of either interlock or an old t-shirt, and then an inner layer of cotton velour. So, the shell is a total of 3 layers. I then also use a snap-in insert with the diaper.

  6. I have a question. What pattern did you use for inserts in all of these diapers? Did you just use a snake insert and if so, what dimensions? Thanks!

  7. I have a question. What pattern did you use for inserts in all of these diapers? Did you just use a snake insert and if so, what dimensions? Thanks!

  8. Hi! Would you have the sewing instructions saved by chance? The make laugh love forum doesn't exist anymore. I also wonder if you liked it in size M and L. Thank tou for your help!