Friday, October 14, 2011

Chloe Toes Side Snap - Newborn

About the pattern:
This is a free pattern that is intended to be used for a FOE-bound side-snapping cover.  This pattern is available in a lot of sizes (NB, S, M, L, XL and XXL).  The pattern notes that the newborn diaper will fit from about 6-13 pounds.  The pattern comes with good instructions and a photo tutorial showing how to make the FOE bound cover.

My test diaper:
I used this pattern to make a fitted diaper (even though it is intended to be a cover pattern).  I just moved the snap settings in a little bit to allow me room to turn & topstitch.  I didn’t add any seam allowance on to the pattern.  The pattern maker recommended removing 1” from the width of the diaper because she received feedback that it was too wide.  I did not make that adjustment and I am glad that I didn’t because it would have ended up too narrow through the crotch since I turned & topstitched my diaper (because I lost about a half an inch of width by doing that).

Here are some pictures:

You can see that it is very full coverage in the bum:

Overall opinion:
This pattern runs a little large, so even though the instructions say that it starts fitting babies at 6lbs, I think it probably would be a little too big on most newborns.  I do like that it is full coverage though, and I do think it would make a great cover (as it is intended).  I really like the front elastic and the look of the diaper.  I think it would make a great nighttime diaper due to the full coverage.  The curves through the legs are not real smooth, so it takes a touch longer to cut & sew, but I like the end result.

Fit update:
Before umbilical cord falls off:
I tried this diaper on my son when he weighed 8lbs 10oz, and it was much too big.  The waist and legs were quite loose.  I folded down the front so that it sat under the umbilical cord.  I did like the shape of the diaper and look forward to trying it on him again when he is bigger.

4 weeks old - 11 pounds:
I tried this diaper again at 11 pounds and it was still too big.  I left it on him anyway, but by the time he was ready for a change, the diaper had slid halfway down his bottom because the waist was too big.

2 months old - 14lbs,10oz:
This diaper finally fits, but the waist is still a touch loose even on the tightest setting.  I would recommend spacing the snaps farther apart if you make this diaper.  The diaper does have nice full coverage though.

Get the pattern:

Thank you very much to the mama who provided this free pattern!

Please feel free to comment about your experience with the Chloe Toes Side Snap pattern or with any questions about my review!


  1. I just found your blog through a friend who pinned it on Pinterest and wow this is an amazing resource! I am new into sewing diapers and still trying to figure out what I am doing. I've made a couple so far which are ones you have reviewed. I love what you have done.

  2. It's sad, i can't find this pattern. The website of chloetoes is down =/.

  3. Yes, unfortunately it looks like she didn't renew her website. I have the pattern saved to my computer though, so if you want to leave me your e-mail address, then I can send it to you.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I posted my email address, but deleted my comment because I found the archived pdf on our BabyCenter - Cloth Diaper Sewing 101 - Sticky. Thanks anyways! I'm excited to try this.

    3. I would love to have this pattern RaeO my email is
      thank you

  4. Here is the link to the archived version of the pattern:

  5. Hi Rachel,
    I'm new to sewing up cloth diapers and have been scouring the internet for patterns to try. I've read lots of good reviews on the Chloe toes pattern, but w/ the website closed thought I was out of luck. I was very excited to find the archive link on your blog (LOVE your reviews by the way), but I can't bring up the file that way, either. Do you still have it saved on your computer and are you willing to share? If so, my address is brevans02 at yahoo dot com and I'd very much appreciate it! Thank you!

  6. I found the pattern and printed it, but it's just a shape. Is there more info about how to actually make the diaper? This will be my first attempt at any type of cloth diaper sewing!