Friday, September 9, 2011

Super Front Snap - Newborn

About the pattern:
This is a paid pattern for a front closing diaper, available in four sizes (NB, S, M and L).  Despite the name of this pattern, it not only can be made with snaps, but also with hook & loop.  Sizes S-L have the option for long wings or short wings.  The pattern has good instructions along with helpful illustrations.  The most exciting feature about this can use it to make covers with gussets!

My test diaper:
I made a size newborn fitted diaper with hook & loop closure.  The pattern notes that the newborn size fits from birth – 12 pounds.  This diaper has a nice high rise, which is great for leak protection, but I think it would be best to save it for after the umbilical cord falls off.

I really wanted to test out the gusset feature of this pattern, so I also made a cover.  Generally you want to leave the seam allowance on when you make a FOE-bound cover, because then you will have a cover slightly larger than a fitted diaper made from the same pattern.  However, I removed the seam allowance for my cover because I am actually planning to use it as an AI2 shell; so it doesn’t need to fit over a fitted diaper.  Anyway, onto the cuteness...

I made this one with cross-over closures:


Inside (I added the panels on the tops and bottoms to help hold the insert in place; that isn't actually part of the pattern instructions):

Overall opinion:
I really like this pattern; it was one of my favorite patterns to use for my daughter, especially for nighttime because the higher rise made it more bulletproof when she was sleeping on her tummy.  I do feel that this pattern runs slightly larger than most patterns, but I still like the looks of the newborn diaper.  As I mentioned earlier, it would be best to save this until after the umbilical cord falls off, so I think it is good that it is a little more generously sized.  The gusseted cover looks awesome and I think it would work really well to contain newborn messes.

Fit update:
4 weeks old, 11 pounds:
This diaper fits nice now; there is a very slight gap around the legs, but no leaks have occurred as a result.  I like the high rise of this diaper; particularly for nighttime use.  It seems like my son will outgrow the waist before he outgrows the rest of the diaper; so extended tabs (like the cloth revolution tabs) would probably work well on this diaper.

Action shots:

2 months old, 14lbs10oz:
This diaper is a great fit on thighs and rise, but the waist is almost outgrown.  I think that putting extended tabs on this diaper would work well.

Get the pattern:

Thank you very much to the mama who designed this great pattern! 

Please feel free to comment about your experience with the Super Front Snap pattern or with any questions about my review!


  1. Whenever I've done a double gusset foe cover it never seems to work out right. I have issues sewing it together and getting the ends of the gusset foe tucked into the main foe. But more importantly I feel the gussets look weird because the foe seems too big (like how the elastic on the gussets of a thirsties cover are smaller than the pul binding around the rest of the diaper, ya know?). I use the same size of foe for both, and I'm assuming you did too... But yours still looks really good. Any tips?

  2. I used 1" FOE on both, but I agree, I would have liked to use 5/8" FOE on the gussets, but I didn't have any. In the future, I think I will get some because I do think that would be a lot better. I used a straight stitch to sew down the gussets before I applied my FOE...I just sewed it pretty close to the edge so that my stitching would be covered with the FOE. I think that really helped to hold everything in place.