Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rocket Bottoms Step 1

About the pattern:
This is a paid pattern for a front-closing diaper that has three size settings.  The pattern notes that the diaper will fit from approximately 7-20 pounds!  There is a step 2 pattern sold separately that fits from 20-40 pounds.  The diaper can be made with either hook & loop, loop fabric or snap closure.  The pattern includes instructions for making a turned & topstitched pocket diaper, FOE bound pocket, serged pocket or All-in-One/All-in-two.  The pattern also includes a contour soaker pattern.

My test diaper:
I used this pattern to make a fitted diaper with hook & loop closure.  I really like the look of the loop fabric diapers, but I don’t have any loop fabric, so I just used regular loop tape.  I love this two-step system because when snapped down to the newborn setting it is nice and small and doesn’t have as much extra bulk and width as one-size diapers do.

Here is the diaper on the smallest setting:

Here is the middle setting:

Here is the largest setting:

Overall opinion:
I love this pattern!  I really don’t like one-size diapers for newborns, so I think that this two-step system is great because it saves you from having to make sized diapers in every size, yet provides a better fit for newborns.  I also like that the thigh openings are nice and small when the diaper is snapped to the smallest setting, so they should work well for those little newborn legs.  I am very happy that I got this pattern; there is nothing that I don’t like about it.

Fit update:
4 weeks, 11 pounds:
This fits fantastic with the rise snapped down and fastened on almost the smallest settings.  It is a nice full coverage diaper and has lots of growing room.  I love this diaper!

Action shots:

2 months old, 14lbs,10oz:
This diaper fits awesome!  My son is now wearing it on the middle rise setting and has plenty of growing room.

Get the pattern:

Thank you very much to the mama who provided this great pattern!

Please feel free to comment about your experience with the Rocket Bottoms Step 1 pattern or with any questions about my review!


  1. hi there, did you only use this diaper once the unbelical cord had fallen off? did u meake the soaker as a snap in one? thanks, hannah

    1. Yes, I waited until the umbilical cord fell off before I started using this one because it covered the umbilical cord when he was a newborn, and I wasn't able to tuck the front down because the aplix was too stiff. I found that snapping diapers were much easier to tuck the front down, so if you were doing snap closure, then you might be able to use it right away.
      And yes, I did snap-in soakers. I leave them snapped in through the wash; but I prefer to snap them on, rather than sew them on, because then I use them as doublers after he outgrows the newborn diapers.

  2. That's great thank you for replying so quickly, sorry just one last question... Does the pattern have an option for or do you think it would be ok to put a layer of pul in between the outer and middle layer? I think your blog is great by the way thank you for taking the time to fill us up with useful info.

    1. This pattern definitely would work well with PUL, made as an AIO, pocket or is a very versatile pattern! And, there are instructions included for the different styles. I have never tried it with a hidden layer of PUL though b/c I worry about wicking (and I don't mind having boring plain diapers, so I save my cute cotton fabrics for making clothes instead of diapers :) )

    2. Just as a suggestion... If you want the diapers to match outfits... You can always do a basic cotton diaper cover (kinda like doing a bloomer)