Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rocket Bottoms - Premie/XS

About the pattern:
This is a free pattern for a front closing premie diaper that can be made with snap or hook & loop or loop fabric closure.  The pattern dips down in the front to accomodate the umbilical cord.  There are no instructions included with this pattern.

My test diaper:
I made a fitted diaper out of stretchy materials, with hook & loop closure.  Here are some pictures, as well as a picture next to an iPhone for size reference.

Overall opinion:
This diaper really is quite small so I think it would be a great pattern for a premature baby or a very small baby.  You could even add cross-over closures to make this even smaller.  Despite being so small, it is easy to sew because the curves are smooth.

Fit update:
At my son's lowest weight (8lbs), this diaper did not fit him.  So, the max weight for this diaper is somewhere under 8lbs.

Get the pattern:

Thank you very much to the mama who provided this free pattern!

Please feel free to comment about your experience with the Rocket Bottoms premie pattern or with any questions about my review!


  1. I made the rocket bottoms premmie pattern for my 2kg son. I made it as a cover with FOE and extended the wings to include the hook and loop in the PUL. I also added small gussets.
    The cover worked well and fitted nicely. I used washcloths as nappies with a snappy to fasten the wash cloths.

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